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Headquarters: New York, NY

About Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is the best place to work and shop. We make ordering fast, simple and fun while creating a stable, low stress and enjoyable place for talented people to work. We are looking for a Copywriter to write creative and engaging copy that drives growth and make our customers happier.

Job description

Ensures the company writes clear, concise, engaging and persuasive copy in all internal and external communication.

Work performed

1. Acts as a resource to assist with writing and editing all company communication.
2. Takes responsibility for the quality of email marketing copy.
3. Writes press releases to effectively sell the importance of key company initiatives.
4. Educates and trains other key people to help them improve their writing abilities.
5. Assists with drafting and editing scripts for videos and commercials.
6. Audits and edits web content, especially support articles, to ensure efficacy.
7. Assists with writing and editing social media messaging.
8. Works with marketing to develop and enforce copywriting guidelines. 
9. Performs other activities as requested by management.


1. $70,000+ depending on experience.
2. Signing bonus.
3. 4 weeks vacation.

To apply:

Posted Sticker Mule Copywriter on August 14, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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