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Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN

Dev Ops Responsibilities
  • Day to day management of 24/7 mixed virtual environment network
  • Automation and manual handling of scaling up and down and planning for future growth
  • Design, implement, and manage security controls and effective security auditing processes
  • Develop and implement systems featuring high-availability, horizontal scalability, and self-healing capabilities, focusing on quality and attention to detail
  • Deploy, configure, and use monitoring tools to find and diagnose problems on test and productions systems; design and implement automation for issue resolution
  • Collaborate with developers 
 Technical Skills
  • 10 years experience managing Linux and Windows networks
  • Deep understanding of networking, TCP/IP, HTTP.
  • Strong Bash scripting skills
  • 5 years experience with VMWare and virtual cloud environments
  • 5 years experience with Apache web server
  • 3 years experience with IIS Web server
  • 3 years experience with HAProxy load balancer
  • Experienced with PCI and GDPR as it pertains to managing infrastructure and privacy

To apply: [email protected]

Posted Anchor Point Technology Resources DevOps Admin on September 3, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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