Addison Group DevOps Engineer

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Job Description:

  • Work with a cross-functional agile team.

  • Web development experience in Java, JavaScript, and Python

  • Mentoring junior devs one-on-one or in coworking sessions

  • Run a development team as the senior technical asset.

  • Facilitate team understanding of concepts and implementation approaches.

  • Develop using serverless technologies on AWS

  • Support version control for application code, system configuration, infrastructure code, and deployment scripts in version control.

  • Automate deployments with automated and repeatable deployment scripts for changes to infrastructure, applications, code, and security.

  • Scripts to trigger build processes with pre-coded tests to ensure version control and change management.

  • Support and manage code branches.

  • Write scripts for automated builds and deployment scripts.

  • Support system configuration.

  • Familiarity to create and deploy automation pipelines such as GitLab, Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI, TravisCI.

  • Create, deploy and orchestrate code updates with Containerized platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes, and ECS.

  • Use Bash or PowerShell to operate and debug issues with modern operating systems for package management, configuration, logging, auditing, process/resource monitoring, network configuration.

  • Configuration Management: configuring and creating CI/CD pipelines using configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Packer.

  • Support security testing, integration into the pipeline, and design and testing phases.

Required Experience (include Education and Certs):

  • Five (5) years of experience in the Information Technology field focusing on development projects using DevOps and AWS cloud environments

  • Experience with full-stack engineering (defined as proficient in database development/integration as well as server and client application development/integration), including three (3) years of experience deploying production enterprise applications in AWS.

  • Bachelors (BS) degree in Computer Science or requisite experience

  • Shall have an additional three (3) years of specific software engineering experience related to front-end and back-end applications and/or data services.

  • Shall possess experience with automation and engineering tasks, data, infrastructure/operations, and security engineer tasks

Preferred Experience:

  • AWS professional level certifications are preferred

  • Familiarity with JavaScript-based language technologies such as Node.js, Angular, or React is preferred.

Posted Addison Group DevOps Engineer on June 17, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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