Scalable Path Frontend JavaScript Developer with Gatsby Experience

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Scalable Path is looking for a Frontend JavaScript Developer with Gatsby Experience to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position.

The client helps people re-connect with their European heritage through genealogy research, travel and dual-citizenship services.

The client has an existing backend in development that uses Wagtail (a headless CMS) and needs a developer to build the frontend(s). They want to use Gatsby to consume the GraphQL API exposed by Wagtail. They have chosen Gatsby because it can provide a very fast-loading experience for customers and will be great for SEO. They will be developing multiple websites on different domains that are all powered by a multi-site instance of Wagtail CMS. Some of the components should be able to be re-used amongst the different sites (with different styling). The Wagtail backend (which is an open source CMS based on Django and Postgres) is hosted on Heroku (with files in S3) and the frontend may be hosted on Netlify (TBD). It's a big project. If things go well, you could end up being the lead architect on the project.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Work with the client to select a final frontend architecture including hosting
- Set up hosting and deployment
- Code frontend using Gatsby (React-based)
- Integrate with the Wagtail CMS GraphQL API
- Style the frontend using CSS (using a CSS pre-processor like SASS)

Experience needed:
- Solid experience using Gatsby to build complex static sites
- Experience using headless CMSs
- Ability to manage the client and your own time effectively
- Ability to take ownership of the frontend application from end-to-end

Note: The backend uses Wagtail, Postgres, Django, Python and Heroku, so if you have experience with these items that would be nice. Also, if you have great experience with Gatsby sites, but not with CSS, it is possible that the client could find a separate developer to focus on the CSS.

You will be working directly with the Founder and coordinating with existing backend developers in India. The client is in the Europe/Rome (+01:00) CET time zone.

As soon as possible.

The engagement will last many months and could become an ongoing, long-term job if things go well.

Required skills

  1.  JavaScript (Must have)

  2.  React (Must have)

  3.  Gatsby (Must have)

  4.  GraphQL (Must have)

  5.  Spoken English (Must have)

  6.  Written English (Must have)

  7.  Netlify (Strongly preferred)

  8.  CSS (Strongly preferred)

Posted Scalable Path Frontend JavaScript Developer with Gatsby Experience on January 22, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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