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Headquarters: Remote

This role requires you to be a native English speaker with reasonable availability to schedule calls (around your schedule) during North American time zones.

Are you a self-starter who is hungry and passionate about marketing/sales/entrepreneurship?

We’re looking for someone to work directly with our CEO to help scale our growth & partner marketing efforts specifically for our partner program.

We have a proven product with rave reviews. WebsiteByTonight is the easiest, most affordable way to launch a simple & professional website.

Long story short, we build websites in real-time via screenshare on Squarespace -- rather than months of email back-and-forth, high prices, and tons of risk of the normal web design process.

After some feedback with early agency partners, we believe the future of WebsiteByTonight is moving into a partner capacity with marketing/digital/PR agencies that need these simple websites for their clients. We've been the perfect solution for them.

We have a proven process, outcome, and need. So now it’s time to scale this bad boy in the referral/affiliate/partner channel direction.

You’ll be our first marketing hire - starting part-time , with the potential to grow into full-time.

You don’t need a ton of experience, but you need to be hungry and both strategic + down to hustle.

You're open to guidance and not afraid to ask questions, but also willing to take ownership and run with your ideas.

If you wanted to go elsewhere down the road, this job would definitely help you get your foot in the door at an awesome startup in a sales or marketing capacity (or you could grow with us and keep the amazing freedom and possibly way better compensation):

What you’ll do:

- Execute our referral/affiliate/channel partnership strategy
- Create and promote content pieces (lead magnets and blog posts)
- Organize and run partner webinars and other partner marketing initiatives
- Creating marketing and sales enablement materials to help convince agencies that WebsiteByTonight is a great solution for their simple client websites
- Help refine processes to continually improve the partner experience
- Manage the pipeline of current and prospective partners (this could mean sales/relationship management with those partners)

We're cultivating an environment where you can:

- Have the opportunity to make good money efficiently
- Easily contribute your ideas and feedback (this is celebrated!)
- Do your best work by staying in your "zone of genius" (doing what you do best / want to learn about)
- Work on your terms as much as possible (this is not a 9-5 clock-in/clock-out)
- Take ownership of your role and be empowered to use your judgment + creativity


- You’ll work directly w/ the founder & CEO
- You'll get to learn how to build a services business that customers love (from sales to operations)
- 100% remote
- Minimal meetings
- We pay well
- Lots of room for future growth ($ and role-wise)

This will probably start out as heavily commission-focused. We want to give a disproportionate amount of upside if you deliver. In which case, you'll be paid far better of an hourly equivalent than a normal salaried job.

This could be an awesome fit for someone who puts a premium on freedom, flexibility, ownership of their ideas + execution, and is aiming for a huge paycheck rather than a consistent fixed one. This could work great for someone who also has another part-time income source as well (I'm not looking to monopolize your time).

This probably is not a good fit for someone who is looking to quit their full-time job for another stable full-time 9-5 salaried job.

To apply:

Posted WebsiteByTonight Growth & Partner Marketing Associate - Entry Level on October 17, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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