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Headquarters: Munich, Germany

What we're looking for
We’re looking for an IT / Information Security Manager to join our team. 
Ideal candidates have broad experience in IT operations (including distributed staff management, onboarding/offboarding and help desk) and in Information Security (SSO, best practices around storing data at rest, how to protect PII, and how to manage an outside security audit/pen test). Day-to-day IT admin work and help-desk will constitute about 25% of your workload; the rest of your time will be spent on helping our team improve operational efficiency and review and implement improved security practices. 
We’re a team of around 50 people spread over 12+ countries in time zones from UTC-8 to UTC+2. Our staff is quite technical and do not need much IT support. We use a lot of Google Apps, Slack and AWS.

Your tasks
  • Management and improvement of IT processes 
  • Design and implement security systems, policies and processes
  • Train and develop teams on processes and capabilities, and ensure processes are properly documented 
  • Support other teams to ensure regulatory compliance, e.g. for PCI-DSS, GDPR
  • Act as a point of contact for all internal and external information security enquiries
  • Account creation and access management  
  • Onboarding/offboarding of users 
  • Manage GSuite & Slack 
  • Optimize software and licensing costs where applicable 
  • Help staff with general security best practices 
  • Identify areas where new technology or services can improve operational efficiency

About you
  • You are self-motivated, proactive and able to drive results without close supervision. 
  • You have strong written and oral communication skills in English.
  • You’re comfortable to work with a distributed, international team across multiple time zones.
  • You are results oriented and work with a pragmatic, hands-on approach.
  • You're a team player and you're open-minded.
  • You have a broad experience in IT operations and in Information Security (SSO, best practices around storing data at rest, how to protect PII, and how to manage an outside security audit/pen test).

About us
LaterPay is the online payment system that cares about the user experience as much as you do. Our mission is to enable users to purchase digital content and services, or make donations, with a single click—making it a frictionless and convenient experience across any websites and platforms. We are proud to be at the forefront of our industry, transforming the way users and content providers interact by providing seamless payment solutions for the digital economy.

LaterPay makes it possible to buy digital content, ad-free experiences and make even the smallest contributions without having to pay for them right away. Users simply agree to Pay Later, and get access right away. Our patented technology tracks the user’s consumption across all LaterPay-enabled sites, and after a set monetary threshold is reached, we collect payment. With LaterPay, companies can tap into new customer groups, get users acquainted with paid content, and successfully market higher-value paid models such as time passes and subscriptions, building a bridge between free, ad-financed offerings and subscription models. By eliminating paywalls and creating a better relationship between merchants and consumers, LaterPay can generate significant increases in conversions, simplified billing, and a better user experience.

How we work
LaterPay has around 50 people spread over 12+ countries in time zones from UTC-8 to UTC+2. We’re a distributed team, though we have offices in Munich (DE) and New York (US).
We care more about the things you do than your presence at a chair at a desk at 9am every day. Most of us work Monday - Friday from 9ish UTC to 6ish UTC, and ideally you have at least a 4 hour overlap with that.

If this sounds interesting, please apply here ( and
  • upload your CV, and
  • let us know what you bring to the table in your cover letter.

We’re accepting applications until July, 29th 2019.

Pay range
€54k - €85k / year

To apply:

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