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Headquarters: Miami, FL

We are looking for an experienced Full stack (PHP) developer within Latin America, to work with one of our clients. Someone who can be a team leader, business driven, who is able to identify possible improvements and execute them. Ideally with a creative eye. 

On the project, the developer will be collaborating with an electricity provider company, programming and improving new and existing features and also be able to lead other developers.

Job Details

40 hours/week
USD$ 3500 - 4600/month

Our Requirements

  • 100% English Fluency.
  • 7+ years of hands on experience with PHP.
  • Solid experience with WordPress and Laravel.
  • Experience integrating third party APIs.
  • Experience leading teams.
  • Business development mindset is strongly desired.

Apply here:

Or send your CV to: [email protected]

To apply:

Posted Blue Coding Lead Fullstack Developer on July 9, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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