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Headquarters: Dallas–Fort Worth, TX
URL: https://pumpjackdataworks.com/

Ready for your next big challenge?

We’re looking for someone spectacular—a product designer to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime, roller-coaster ride, "take no prisoners" opportunity that is guaranteed to change the face of sports, entertainment, and data for years to come. Ask questions, look deep inside yourself, and if it seems like a match, let’s hop on the phone and get to know each other.

"Great - but what is a pumpjack datawork?"
PumpJack Dataworks (PJD) is building a platform to manage, access, value, and exchange data for sports teams across the globe. We're already working with loads of top tier teams such as the Dallas Mavericks, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Inter Miami CF (who knows, maybe you'll even get to meet David Beckham once you're on the team)!

We've closed a successful investment round, have multiple investments from industry leaders, and are rapidly marching toward a huge Series A. We're gearing up for this rocket ride and want to bring some incredible people along with us!

Primary Responsibilities
  • Delivering thoughtful visual and interaction design work throughout a standard design cycle—from research, to sketches and wireframes, to full-fidelity layouts and specifications
  • Expanding on our design systems/languages for both web and mobile products
  • Completing our corporate identity library for both internal and external purposes
  • Occasionally, creating sales assets (e.g. mockups and presentations) for our executive and sales teams
  • Participating in the recruiting process for designers and other roles as our company grows

Required Experience
  • Demonstrable skills in visual and interaction design, including an understanding of basic principles and elements of visual design; common desktop and mobile interaction heuristics and best practices; and creativity in considering new solutions to challenging problems
  • Proven ability to communicate clearly and honestly and collaborate closely with other designers, as well as with developers and other stakeholders
  • Understanding of essential design software, including bitmap and vector graphics editors (eg Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop); we currently use Sketch, plus Abstract for version control and collaboration
  • Optionally, previous experience with incorporating data visualization into interactive media
  • Neither a degree/certificate nor prior professional experience is required

Small Project
Depending on your application, we may request you complete a small project that should take ≤ 3 hours. We want to ensure we are a good fit and that you are set up to succeed before we invest in each other.

What we offer
  • Opportunity: With a small, core team of talented people, iterating and scaling fast, you’ll be hands-on and learning right away.
  • Location: Our design team is distributed, and we're open to hiring anyone in the Americas.
  • Culture: We strive to be welcoming and inclusive. As a core team member, you’ll be active in recruiting decisions ensuring we build a culture you want to be part of.
  • Salary: A competitive salary with stock options.
  • Benefits: Option to join a Health, Vision and Dental benefits plan with growing benefits as the company is growing. For contractors, insurance benefits follow a probation period.
  • Time-Off: Flexible PTO.
  • Sports Access: We offer opportunities to meet with professional sports franchises and engage with some events (live and virtual).

How to apply
Send a short email with a link to your portfolio website or an attached PDF portfolio to [email protected].

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/pumpjack-dataworks-product-designer

Posted PumpJack Dataworks Product Designer on July 10, 2020 via WeWorkRemotely

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