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Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

We’re looking for a friendly, helpful and tech-savvy person that loves teaching people how to use things. 

We’re an Australian-based Saas start-up, and it’s getting a bit tricky for us to look after all our fans across the globe. 

Your role will be to help our prospective and existing customers understand to demonstrate how Skedda can add value to what they do. 

We’re a small team, so you’ll have a big impact on the product! 

Your day-to-date will involve: 

  • Answering questions from prospective and existing customers through the in-app communicator
  • Managing customer leads to their success/conclusion  
  • Helping customers find solutions to their unique scenarios 
  • Conducting scheduled product demos online or via phone calls
  • Collect and report feedback for driving product-development decisions

For this role we need you to: 

  • Be motivated to help people with their questions
  • Demonstrate outstanding written communication in English
  • Enjoy and have experience in customer sales
  • Be generally interested in tech; particularly Saas products

Role Specifics:

We're looking for someone to join our team on a full-time basis

The position is completely remote but does require that you live in a timezone between UTC -7 (West Coast USA / Canada) - UTC -10 (Hawaii).

To apply:

Posted Skedda Saas Customer Support & Sales on July 17, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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