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We are looking for an experienced back-end or full-stack developer to join our remote UK team.

Tell me about Instilled!

Instilled is a new learning experience platform (LXP), meaning it is the very latest breed of learning delivery tools. Despite being new to the market, Instilled is built on a mature product with a solid client base and consolidates a wealth of experience and technology from our parent group. We are a small, agile team in a much larger learning technology business that is successful and passionate about creating outstanding learning tools.

What Instilled provides is a YouTube like experience for learners to discover content and progress at their own pace—it was originally a video platform, so included are a host of video features such as auto-captioning, auto-translation and commenting etc.

We are still in the early stages of this products transformation but we have huge aspirations and want developers that relish the opportunity to create industry-leading products.

How will I know this is for me?

First, this is a UK-specific role. Candidates must be eligible to work in the UK. Our team does have a US component, but we are not currently hiring for any US roles.

Our ideal candidate is friendly, enthusiastic and just as passionate about technology as we are. The team spans multiple offices and time-zones so a self-starter attitude and excellent communication skills are key. We know not everyone has experience of the learning industry but that’s fine, we want people that understand code. Our current tech stack is comprised of Java, Spring, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, and others. These things change though, so whilst prior experience is advantageous, the key is being able to adapt to whatever technology the task demands. We look for developers that have an opinion about how technology can be applied, but remain equally open minded about new or different approaches. Working well in a team is vital as this role will be fundamental in shaping our product architecture - clearly articulating a concept and nurturing other team members is hugely important.

Ok, sounds great! What do I do?

This is a unique opportunity to join a dynamic product team that is taking an impressive client list in to a whole new world of learning. If this sounds like a good fit then we would like to hear from you. Please send over a cover letter explaining why and attach your CV. Feel free to outline any achievements you are particularly proud of and include a link to code you can share. Extra points for your best joke!

Posted gomo video Senior Backend Developer on August 13, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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