Nagarro Senior Software Engineer - Spark

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Required experience and skills: 

  • Expertise in Java or Scala

  • Familiarity with cluster computing technologies such as Apache Spark or Hadoop MapReduce

  • Familiarity with relational and big data such as Postgres, HDFS, Apache Kudu and similar technologies

  • Strong skills in analytic computing and algorithms

  • Strong mathematical background, including statistics and numerical analysis

  • Knowledge of advanced programming concepts such as memory management, files & handles, multi-threading and operating systems.

  • Passion for finding and solving problems

  • Excellent communication skills, proven ability to convey complex ideas to others in a concise and clear manner 

Desirable experience and skills: 

  • Familiarity with scripting languages such as Python or R

  • Experience in performance measurement, bottleneck analysis, and resource usage monitoring

  • Familiarity with probabilistic and stochastic computational techniques

  • Experience with data access and computing in highly distributed cloud systems

  • Prior history with agile development

Posted Nagarro Senior Software Engineer - Spark on May 22, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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