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Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
URL: http://42technologies.com


42 is an end-to-end analytics stack for the retail industry – specifically DTC and wholesale brands.

Retailers and fashion brands have a wealth of data available, but it's locked away in legacy systems and siloed third parties. For them, many data decisions are daily struggles – from figuring out what products are selling offline vs. online to what is running out of stock.

This is what we fix. We are not just doing reporting – our product is an end-to-end retail analytics stack that supports aggregating all of the data available. 

Our platform shows users the right insights and data, such as:
  • Providing hundreds of built-in metrics across Stores, eCommerce, Wholesale, or any other sales channel.
  • Showing sales, stock and customers in one report, with images.
  • Calculating accurate cost, markdown and promo reporting.
  • Enabling store managers to use the data (clients have seen double digit margin increases from this).
As a result of our stack, our customers:
  • Require no infrastructure – our team provides the hosting and maintenance.
  • Require no integration – our team does the heavy-lifting to pipe over the data.
  • Can receive merged data from major retailers from different file formats (usually for brands).
  • Can use 42’s platform as a vendor portal (usually for retailers).
  • Partner with 42 to tailor the analytics according to their needs (i.e. product lists, naming).

International retailers and fashion brands rely on us to make decisions for their business, every day – we process billions of dollars of gross merchandise value. Sample customers include ALLSAINTS, Frasers Group, INCIPIO Group, Global Brands Group, Rebecca Minkoff.


+ Improving our integrations framework to automate customer onboarding.

+ Keeping things fast and granular even when doing hundreds of aggregations over 250m+ rows across dozens of tables.

+ Generalizing features to make them work across all of our customers.

A lot of retailers and brands do their ETL, data warehousing and reporting manually in Excel. They do not have the expertise and time to build proper data infrastructure.

Retailer’s heir eComm system might have an API, while their point of sale or inventory management system may only do CSV exports or SQL.

Brands that sell products through department stores and big-box retailers (e.g. Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales) receive weekly spreadsheets from a human. If the brand sells through 10 department stores or retailers, that’s 10 different formats that they have to deal with. Sometimes the data must be retrieved via portals, or via EDI (i.e. 1970’s version of SOAP).

We are also constantly improving our integration framework, and we are looking at ways to make the process more automated.


+ Integrate with time-series prediction libraries (or create a model), and give our users the ability to perform forward-looking queries.

+ Enable end-users to fork and make live modifications to their data (ex: item attributes), and push those changes to other users and source systems.

+ You may be talking directly with brands you've heard of, and you'll have a direct impact on their bottom line. At the same time, you'll be making big improvements to our integration framework and on-boarding process.


+ Node, Angular
+ Apache Spark, SAP Hana

  • At least 2 years of professional experience (full-stack or not)
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or similar) strongly preferred
  • Experience with SQL and distributed data processing systems
  • Excited about working for a seed-stage, growing startup that executes quickly
  • You’re resourceful and find ways to get things done
  • Proven capabilities and capacity to work remotely and communicate effectively
  • You can work at least 4 hours of San Francisco’s working hours (9 AM – 6 PM, Pacific Time)


+ Our product is loved by our customers and has extremely high engagement; users have told us that they would cry if they lost access to 42.

+ We are a Y-Combinator backed company, co-founded by two Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients and serial hackathon winners. Our team members come from P&G, SAP, Harvard Business School, Deloitte Consulting, and Flexport.

+ We are a no-ego collaborative group! We are always open to sharing ideas about how to improve the platform and processes.

+ Our engineers have a high-degree of autonomy, but we all work together to improve the core product and frameworks. Our process is simple and lightweight, as we're still growing the engineering team.

+ We do pair programming or white-boarding sessions to solve unfamiliar problems. We encourage pull requests for bigger changes, but engineers are also able to push to production directly.

+ Every quarter, we collaborate on high-level goals for the engineering team, both as a company and for the product roadmap. We then have bi-weekly meetings to track the progress of these goals, plan bigger codebase changes, and introduce new framework features to other engineers. 


We're detail-oriented, ambitious and product-driven. We love hearing our customers say "wow" when we show them what we're up to.

Our benefits include:
  • Generous equity in a seed-stage startup
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance, wherever you are based
  • Any snack you want, or a stipend
  • Flying into San Francisco HQ or a team meetup in another city every four months, wherever you are in the world (once coronavirus has been contained and it is safe to travel)

If this sounds interesting to you, we'd love to hear from you!
To prove that you read this posting, apply via email and put "WAGYU BEEF" in the subject line.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/42-tech-software-engineer-full-time-remote

Posted 42 TECH Software Engineer (Full Time, Remote) on July 15, 2020 via WeWorkRemotely

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