Where are you finding work?

Question: Where are you finding work? Read answers from remote workers to learn.

Interview with Pamela, a travel writer adjusting to freelancing

I’m going to a lot of networking events, conferences, and taking classes at General Assembly. I’m involved with the Atlanta Copywriters Meetup, as well as the Atlanta Freelance Union – both have been very helpful in learning how to get up and running. I’m on Upwork, as well.

I am proactively building my LinkedIn network to include more travel writers. This has changed my feed, so I’m seeing more travel-related posts, and I’ve also reached out to people for “virtual” coffee sessions to learn more about their career paths and get ideas.

I’m also finding opportunities through former co-workers and teams I’ve written for in the past. I’m looking for some steady part-time work to pay the bills.

Pamela is new to the world of freelancing. In this interview, she shares the ups and downs of adjusting to the gig economy.

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