RemoteHabits started as a labor of love by @bradjasper (that's me ✌️). I've worked with thousands of people over the past few years to help them improve their productivity, through my app Focus.

But I noticed not every problem can be solved with an app (don't tell the programmer!). For example, I was struggling with my new found freedom as an indie developer. I've worked remotely before, but was finding new issues—like building discipline, habits and healthy routines.

There's a lot of "productivity advice" out there, but something always bugged me about it. Most of the time it's just limited life experienced, over-generalized to fit your situation (credit @paultoo). In other words, not very helpful!

RemoteHabits was born out of the idea—what if you dropped the productivity advice and just told stories about remote workers?

RemoteHabits aims to help you understand remote work better by interviewing freelancers, teams and entrepreneurs doing it every day. Learn How do they work?, How did they get into the field?, What's not so great about remote work? and more.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any feedback—send it over to @remotehabits or @bradjasper.

Happy remote working!

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