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Greenback Expat Tax Services is a company that specializes in preparing tax returns for Americans living overseas. We are a highly energetic, positive, resourceful team working virtually across the globe. We believe that executional excellence is key to success. We are currently seeking a Content Strategist that will take our brand, our voice, and our tax expertise and bring it ALIVE! This role is a great fit for someone who has creative ideas about how to communicate with customers and prospective customers (think beyond just blog posts!) and loves to write and produce extremely high-quality materials that will make our business stand above the rest.

Some specific examples of the type of content and communications the content strategist will be responsible for: blogs (both for our sites and for partner sites, as needed); meaty in-depth tax guides, case studies, webinars, videos, website content, emails, social media marketing, press pitches… and more (it will be up to you to create the plan and then implement it)

In addition to excellent writing and communication skills, this role is a great fit for someone who is comfortable and confident developing a communications plan using data. The ideal candidate for this role knows how to interpret and understand website stats, open rates, click through rates, conversions- essentially who uses data to make informed decisions about what works for customers and prospects- and what doesn’t. This role will be measured based on how well the content you produce translates to traffic, leads, prospects, and customers.

A good understanding and ability to incorporate SEO strategies is essential. While this role would be leaning on an SEO consultant to outline the SEO strategy and plans, the content strategist will be responsible for applying our SEO strategy and making it happen in practice in our communications.

Last- but certainly not least- we’re looking for someone who’s a great fit for our company culture. We’re a small, tight knit team- all of us working remotely from home offices. We’re growing fast (check us out on the INC 5000 list- whoohoo!). We’re obsessive about customer experience, believe that planning is the key to success, and like to work hard and make things happen- but also live our lives outside of the (home) office too! We’re looking for someone who is confident, reliable, an excellent communicator, loves working in a fast-paced team, and is able to get things done with minimal supervision (we don’t like looking over your shoulder- and don’t think you’d like that either).

Key skills needed:

  • Excellent writing skills (does that go without saying?). If you love to write, and to do so in different contexts, you will love this role. You will be writing articles, case studies, webinars, blog posts, website content, newsletters, emails, etc.).
  • Ability to craft your messaging and tone of voice based on the audience and medium. So, for example, writing an article about our company values for LinkedIn might have a different tone and manner than a contest on social media.
  • Communications, of course, though this goes beyond just writing! You will also be producing (with designers) videos, and potentially, over time podcasts. We’d also expect someone in this role to think creatively about our content- what is the best way to lure people to our brand and add value to them at the same time? Creativity welcome.
  • Excellence in execution: Attention to detail and ability to keep organized/juggle multiple projects at once.
  • We don’t expect you to be an accountant, but you will need to learn and become a subject matter expert on US expat taxes. Any deep research articles or papers will be researched by accountants, but your role would be to understand the subject matter, be able to explain it to non- accountants (i.e. our customers!), and to be in-the-know about taxes and where communications are needed.
  • Bonus: current or former expat, or someone who appreciates or gets excited about the expat life.
  • Time zone: we’re looking for someone who is in a fixed time zone +/- 3 hours from EST. We’re not looking for long term travelers/people who aren’t in the same time zone most of the year. 

To apply:

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