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Designlab is looking for stellar UX/UI/product designers to join our platform as mentors for the next generation of creative talent. 


We’re a platform for mentor-led, online design education with a focus on quality and outcomes. We offer a range of courses that facilitate design and creative thinking skills. Each of these courses teaches design through hands-on projects and 1:1 mentoring. Our mentors, our team and our students are all fully remote and we have built a thriving online design community. To find out more about us, our courses or how we work, visit


We have over 400+ amazing designers from around the world mentoring on Designlab and are looking to grow this team. If you have a passion for design and get inspired by the thought of building the next generation of world-class designers, then this opportunity could be for you.

As a Designlab Career Coach, you will work with amazing students from around the world and help them land their first design job; connect with other top designers; and earn money while giving back to the design community. If your application is successful, you will be paired with students whose location matches your experience, and you will coach them through the job search process.

Designlab mentorship is part-time and flexible – you choose how many students you can take on per month, and in which courses, at the times that suit you. If you’re ready for a higher commitment role, you can apply to mentor for our more rigorous, advanced courses like UX Academy and Career Services.  

Once you have committed to a student, you will need to be available to mentor them on a weekly basis for the duration of their course. The time commitments would be as follows:

- Career Services: 1 x 30 minute video call per week and written feedback on project submissions for 24 weeks

If you’re interested in mentoring any of our other courses, the time commitments are: 
 - Short courses: 1 x 1 hour video call per week and written feedback on project submissions for 4 weeks
 - UX Academy (part-time students): 1 x 1 hour video call per week and written feedback on project submissions for 28 weeks
 - UX Academy (full-time students): 2 x 1 hour video calls per week and written feedback on project submissions for 15 weeks


- Mentor students on their design coursework while they undertake Designlab's online courses through:
  • Providing detailed written feedback on student submissions
  • Conducting 1:1 video sessions with students via Skype/Zoom
- Help assess the quality of student design submissions
- Maintain up-to-date availability for sessions
- Communicate promptly via the platform to schedule students sessions


- 3-5 years UX/UI design experience
- Minimum 1 year hiring manager experience 
- Attention to detail
- Strong English communication skills, both written and spoken
- Strong problem solving skills
- Passion for education, design, and creative work


The remuneration for this role is as follows:
 - Career Services Mentors: $37.50 per student per week, paid monthly

Other courses: 
 - Short Course Mentors: $125 per student paid at the end of the 4 weeks
 - UX Academy Mentors (part-time students): $60 per student per week, paid monthly 
 - UX Academy Mentors (full-time students): $120 per student per week, paid monthly


To apply:

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