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Headquarters: West Palm Beach, FL

eScale, a division of Success Agency, is a high-performing team, building and growing eCommerce experiences for our clients throughout North America and Europe. We work remotely and collaborate effectively.

We’re looking for an eCommerce Specialist to work with our team in planning, evaluating, and implementing initiatives to help our eCommerce clients to be more successful.

What is success? For most of our clients, success involves:
  • Growing their email list
  • Increasing Conversion Rates & Sales
  • Decreasing customer acquisition costs
  • Increasing ROAS
  • Increasing Lifetime Value and overall Brand Value

  • Evaluate the eCommerce operations of current and prospective clients to create actionable strategies to increase performance.
  • Manage a library of eCommerce success tactics (a toolkit) and implement the right tactic at the right time.
  • Work with other members of our team to implement tactics for success. For example, in implementing a new Welcome Series to increase LTV, work with our Content Marketing Specialist to craft the right messaging and our Developer to ensure the Email Marketing System has the right data to customize the automation.
  • Lead in A/B testing optimization opportunities.
  • Focus on increasing Brand Value (product, UX, packaging, etc) just as much as the short-term numbers. The experience matters just as much as the short-term conversion numbers.
  • Implement tactics including, but not limited to, email opt-ins, broadcast and automated emails, Promotion Planning, Conversion Rate Optimization, Up-Sells, Cross-Sells, Ads management.
  • Be proficient with ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc).
  • Proven experience in directly helping eCommerce stores to be more successful.
  • Proficiency with current eCommerce platforms and tools (including Shopify and WooCommerce)
  • USA resident and able to work on standard Eastern Time Zone business hours.


To apply:

Posted eScale eCommerce Marketing Specialist on June 29, 2020 via WeWorkRemotely

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