Grassroots Technologies, Inc Edge Solutions Engineer

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Edge Solutions Engineer Job Description

GRT is carefully searching for new candidates for a high profile, global commerce engagement located in Sunnyvale and San Bruno, CA.  Local residence is preferred but Pacific Time zone a baseline focus. 

We are looking for a solid foundation of technology understanding and work/school experience; we are also equally interested in promising communication skills, and growth potential of any candidate. 

As an Engineer on the Edge Solutions team, you'll help spearhead evangelizing, onboarding and troubleshooting the Edge Foundation products for companies around the globe to help them be successful in delivering performant, robust web applications.

Edge Solutions 5 Primary Pillars

  • Documentation/Training

  • Ease of Development/Debugging Tooling

  • Solutions Architecture

  • Evangelism

  • Advanced Configuration Consulting/Management/Debugging


  • Onboarding new customers onto our Edge Proxy/CDN & vendor CDNs

  • Providing architectural guidance to support large and complex systems integration and solution implementation

  • Developing & contributing to documentation and guides for Edge Foundation architecture, products and features

  • Collaborating with other Edge Foundation teams to shape features and products

  • Collaborating with developers and operations teams from all of Walmart's markets to implement best practices for performance, security and scaling

  • Guiding developer and ops teams in writing custom code to satisfy business requirements in the Proxy/CDN

  •  Developing training material and creating User Guides

  • Training our internal customers on using Edge Foundation products and features

  • Evangelizing new products and features to existing and potential internal customers

  • Assisting customers in investigating bugs in their origin configurations

  •  Assisting customers in making changes to Edge Proxy/CDN configurations

  • Identifying and building tools to help Edge Solutions and our customers reduce the time to resolution for troubleshooting tasks Automating common tasks to reduce Edge Consulting toil


  • 2+ years working with HTTP request/response protocols/lifecycle and related troubleshooting tools and techniques (curl, dig, tcpdump, etc.)

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including writing technical documentation

  • Ability to interact effectively with a variety of business and technical stakeholders Ability to translate complex solutions and features into easy to implement actions for customers

  • Attention to detail

  • Knowledge of existing proxy and CDN technologies

  • The drive and passion to learn

  • A detective-like approach to debugging complex systems prior experience working with external customers a plus

Posted Grassroots Technologies, Inc Edge Solutions Engineer on October 14, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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