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Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Reasons to apply
  • 100% remote team in lots of countries. We judge people based on their skills and work, not their location.
  • Most people in the company have experience as a developer. This is a good company for a highly skilled developer. On other hand, terrible for bad developers.
  • Interesting and complex projects. Continuous flow of challenging work
  • Stable and successful company. Good reliable full-time dev work
Reasons NOT to apply
  • We're really blunt and straight-forward. If you do badly, you'll know about it. 
  • We're not a startup. We're not changing the world. There's no unicorns here. We're not looking to hire one either.
  • If you misrepresent your skills, are unreliable or otherwise just a bad developer, you're fired. This might not be good for you unless you're a talented, great dev. 

General Requirements

  • 40 hour per week role. USD $1,000/week contract
  • 5 years PROVEN experience as a developer. No juniors
  • Decent English. Russian is also useful but not required
  • Working in our team of senior devs

Skills Required - Full-Stack WP development

WordPress Custom Theme Development (from scratch)
WordPress Plugin Development & Customisation
WordPress Custom Posts Engineering
HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap (97% pixel perfect)

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To apply:

Posted Rocket Studio Full-Stack WP Developer on October 12, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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