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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Capbase is looking to hire a senior growth marketer to join our dynamic and growing remote team and lead up growth & marketing at our startup. Capbase is a digital governance platform for startups and securities transactions. We simplify legal compliance and corporate governance for startups.

We’re a small team, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to collaborate directly with the founders, and we are looking for someone to lead our go-to-market efforts and build our initial base of customers and partners. The ideal candidate has broad experience working a variety of marketing channels to create efficient, scaleable customer acquisition strategies. Bonus points for executing growth strategies targeting startup founders and C-level executives. Extra bonus points for knowledge of SQL and ability to build marketing dashboards.

In this role, you will:
  • Build partnerships with startup accelerators and incubators to drive the adoption of our product; periodic business travel will be required to meet with our partners and evangelize our product
  • Work with a content writer to lead an SEO effort to own the market for key search queries related to our product
  • Test paid marketing channels, including SEM, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, to create efficient, scaleable ad campaigns targeting startup founders
  • Regularly speak to customers and gather feedback to improve the product roadmap (and make sure we're building the right features for our customers)
  • Identify new opportunities for distributing our product and building awareness of our brand
  • Use data to analyze the results from all marketing channels to maximize ROI - if you are going to a startup conference to promote the Capbase product, we expect you to track and analyze how many new signups result from the leads generated at the conference so that we can understand the efficiency of attending conferences, relative to other marketing channels we could devote budget to.
  • Work with the engineering team to develop dashboards, implement sales automation platforms and build internal tools to support marketing operations

A Capbase team member is:

  • Self motivated and self starting
  • Has a keen eye open for their work/life balance
  • Able to express themselves clearly in both written and spoken English

Specific skills we’d love to bolster within or add to our team:

  • Knowledge of SEO tools
  • Knowledge of cross-channel marketing and audience management platforms
  • Deep understanding of paid mobile acquisition channels (for distributing the soon-to-be-released Capbase native mobile apps!)
  • Experience with webinars as a marketing channel
  • Copy writing skills for writing copy on ads, blog articles and social media posts

In addition to a competitive salary and stock benefits, Capbase is proud to offer the following benefits:

  • 25 days annual leave to use for any purpose
  • $2,500 to purchase any equipment you need to do your job properly
  • $500 per year for professional development to use however you choose (conferences, books, online classes, etc)
  • Up to $300/mo in co-working membership allowance (market dependent)
  • Healthcare benefits fully paid for the employee, plus 75% covered for all dependents (only in countries without national healthcare)
  • An annual, expenses paid, global meetup of Capbase employees somewhere fun in the world

We are a diverse & distributed team located across several time zones and countries. We are committed to hiring the best talent remotely wherever they live; however, for this role, we have a geographical restriction to North America since we need someone to be easily able to travel to meet with our business partners.

How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected] including:

  • Your resume
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile
  • A summary of a complex, challenging marketing project you worked on in the past, where you had to use trial & error / experimentation to reach your marketing goals
  • A summary of what you would do, if hired, in your first 90 days at Capbase to signup 200 new customers. Please describe what marketing channels you would use, how you would measure the effectiveness of your strategies, and what kind of budget you would expect to need to get started.

** Any applications that don't include the requested information will be ignored and deleted **

To apply: [email protected]

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