Scanline VFX Houdini Pipeline Developer

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Reporting to Pipeline Leadership, the Houdini Pipeline Developer is responsible for developing tools and workflows to allow FX artists to efficiently move assets from upstream departments into Houdini and integrate the resulting simulations into final shots. With a demonstrated ability implement new and improved technologies, they have advanced skills with Houdini, Python and C++ for research, development, and mentoring others.


  • Identifies and solve complex, systematic problems in the domain of the tools, plug-ins, pipeline and overall workflow development

  • Gathers requirements across large collaboration efforts that span multiple departments and/or disciplines

  • Leverages current technology research and development trends to innovate and advance ScanlineVFX’s technologies

  • Designs, builds, and implements prototypes; debugs and QA's using common testing platforms with stakeholders

  • Maintains and supports created tools and fine-tunes as needed

  • Writes technical briefs and documentation

  • Partners with pipeline management team to identify and schedule tasks

  • Defines, communicates and enforces coding standards across teams and projects

  • Mentors other pipeline team members


  • BA in Computer Science, or similar discipline (required)

  • Three (3) to five (5) years of experience in VFX, Gaming or other professional Houdini software development

  • Expert knowledge of Houdini

  • Must have knowledge of Alembic and VDB read/write implementations in Max and Houdini

  • Python, PyQt, and HScript scripting abilities

  • Excellent problem-solving skills

  • Good interpersonal communication skills

  • Bash/cshell/Linux knowledge

  • Knowledge of render queuing software 

  • Understanding of relational databases and/or SQL

  • Knowledge of Shotgun or asset management a plus

  • Some knowledge of Maya and Nuke a plus

  • Experience with V-Ray and MAXScript is a plus

  • C/C++ abilities is a plus

We offer extended medical, disability and dental insurance.

Posted Scanline VFX Houdini Pipeline Developer on March 4, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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