ENSEK Lead DevOps Infrastructure Engineer - Australia

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In this role, you will apply your extensive knowledge of AWS Cloud Infrastructure to design, implement and improve the services provided by ENSEK across our portfolio of clients. You will be responsible for planning, designing, deploying and maintaining AWS Infrastructure to meet project/product requirements and accommodate fluctuations in client demand. You will define, and drive adherence to, standards and best practices for both the delivery and operation of infrastructure and applications within the team and across the wider organisation.

You will also ensure high standards in availability, continuity and security through the design and implementation of event management capabilities and controls across the estate. A solid understanding of the ITIL Service Management Framework and Agile delivery methodologies is desirable. You will define, implement, manage and improve streamlined DevOps processes & ways of working to help facilitate efficient and effective deployment of the release pipeline. This will include the management of pre- and post-deployment engagement with the Product, Engineering and QA community that feed into the release pipeline.

Posted ENSEK Lead DevOps Infrastructure Engineer - Australia on April 9, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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