Geomagical Labs Lead iOS Developer - Test Engineering

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Geomagical Labs is a 3D AI lab. We are crafting killer mixed-reality applications for hundreds of millions of users around the world, on web & mobile devices.

This is a strategic engineering role. We are looking for a skilled iOS engineer with systems programming skills, and experience in mobile test engineering, to conceive and execute effective testing strategies across a diverse range of devices. We have a complex platform of mobile & web mixed-reality apps, 3D graphics renderers, and AI pipelines, running on hundreds of mobile platforms, leading to interesting challenges for test engineering. The team is looking for a teammate who is an excellent Swift engineer, with experience in testing, to design and execute effective tests & automation, leading to magical consumer experiences and developer joy.

This could be a great opportunity for an ambitious Swift engineer who wants to be part of innovative product development, learn modern 3D & AI technologies, and advance the state of the art of automation for engineering.


In this engineering role, we'll be looking for you to design and engineer effective test strategies to maximize product performance & quality, while making the engineering process more productive & fun. This includes:

  • Design effective test strategies to provide solid coverage of key application flows.
  • Designing & coding effective unit tests in Swift.
  • Implementing tools & tests to regression validate mobile applications.
  • Researching, designing & implementing effective end-to-end test automation across diverse mobile hardware.
  • Measuring application & 3D graphics rendering performance.
  • Mentoring all engineers to write better code & tests through pull-request code reviews & guidance.
  • Analyzing & reporting insightful metrics around testing.


  • Opportunity to develop an influential new mixed-reality product with a well-known team of entrepreneurs, developers, 3D graphics specialists, and AI scientists.
  • Opportunity to learn state-of-the-art AR, AI, computer vision technologies.
  • Location is flexible - experienced candidates may work from any location, as long as you have reliable internet access and can work most hours of a Pacific Time work day.
  • Open to remote work from North American timezones, or colocation in our downtown Mountain View, California HQ.
  • This is a contract position with opportunities to convert to full-time.

Posted Geomagical Labs Lead iOS Developer - Test Engineering on June 16, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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