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Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
URL: http://www.jessicawalman.com

The JW Agency is a fast growing digital marketing agency. We provide our clients with strategic Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns within the online information space such as digital courses, online programs, high-ticket masterminds, and more. Accountability is huge and we strive to “wow” our clients every day.

Role (Overview of the Position)
  • The Marketing & Account Strategist is the strategic & creative support to the ad managers and the Marketing Manager. It is their responsibility to manage client communication and create and manage overall advertising strategies based on clients goals. It is also their responsibility to ensure that all creative aspects of the ads are requested, completed and delivered for each client campaign and to manage the ongoing results of the creatives. 

Responsibilities (Tasks Associated with the Role)
  • Run and manage all client strategy calls 
  • Create advertising strategy for each client based on the JW Process
  • Prepare all documents that will be delivered to the client following our detailed processes and systems and deliver to client
  • Support Ad Managers with questions regarding client strategy and how to implement said strategies
  • Keep up to date with new and on-trend marketing strategies and work with the Marketing Manager to keep them updated as well
  • Request all creatives/assets from internal creative team for the campaigns following guidelines from the client strategy and client avatar
  • Review and approve all targeting & creative/asset changes for ad manager to implement
  • Point of contact and designated account manager for all clients.
  • Onboard new clients into system
  • Responsible for all email communication with clients
  • Schedule and attend weekly/monthly meetings with clients (to include Ad Manager as well)
  • Complete weekly & monthly client reporting
  • Ensure client KPI’s are being met and troubleshoot if necessary with Marketing Manager & Ads Manager.

Results (Expected Accomplishments)
  • Ensure that all work being done works towards client goals and are producing strong client results 
  • Utilizing your creative mind to ensure that all ads stand out and are on point with strategy
  • Maintain and encourage great working environment, communication and satisfaction
  • Become a member of an amazing, supportive team with the ability to grow and learn
  • Drive JW Agency client centric mission and meet agency goals 
  • Discover processes and systems to deliver things more effectively

Requirements (Expected Proficiencies)
  • Experience  in an agency preferred but not required 
  • 2+ years experience and knowledge of Digital Marketing Strategies
  • 2+ years experience with Facebook ads
  • Organized and self-starter
  • Keen eye for design and attention to detail
  • Knowledge of what works best with Facebook ads
  • Ability to communicate effectively in the English language and responding to clients promptly
  • Team player, motivated and goal oriented

To apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4Y-ER37pGVYQClwhdB3fDFYmg7tjNa7Yy0uAmSRmEltFusw/viewform?usp=sf_link

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