Apollo 350 Mid-Senior Software Engineer

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Headquarters: New York, NY
URL: https://apollo350.com/

About Apollo 350

Apollo 350 is a software consulting startup led by hands-on tech executives who launched and grew massive platforms with billions of monthly views, including LinkedIn Video, VEVO, and Condé Nast Entertainment.

We are a very small agency looking to grow by hiring the best talent, and investing in their growth. Our clients include large corporations and early stage startups. Our engineers learn to build scalable systems that reach millions of users. And they have opportunities to learn on the job from industry veterans, explore different aspects of the business, and leave their comfort zone.

We are based in NYC, but we are remote friendly. We value work-life balance and keep up with the latest technologies.

Are you self-motivated, but also highly collaborative? Do you have an insatiable curiosity? Do you approach code as craft, and take pride in building thoughtful and maintainable software? Do you want to work with other talented, friendly, like-minded engineers? Join us!

Desired Skills & Qualifications:
  • Solid computer science fundamentals, including data structures and algorithms
  • Proficiency in one or more modern front-end framework: React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.
  • Able to write HTML/CSS in your sleep
  • Experience with web services of all kinds, using cloud infrastructure, and building scalable web products
  • Ability to measure, diagnose and improve website performance
  • Eye for design and delivering polished products
  • Ability to adapt to changing business needs

  • Very competitive compensation package, with 6% automatic 401k contribution
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Flexible work schedule and ability to work remotely
  • Great health insurance

For more information, please visit https://apollo350.com/. Duties and responsibilities may be adjusted based on years of experience. Salary is also commensurate with experience.

To apply: [email protected]

Posted Apollo 350 Mid-Senior Software Engineer on November 8, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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