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illumy is a stealth startup focused on building the next big thing in cloud communications – Persistent Communications. With a team of former product, technology, and marketing leaders from RingCentral, 8x8, Atlassian, Amazon, BroadSoft, and Avaya, we have a vision for combining email, messaging, voice, video, and phone into a new cloud-based connected software experience available to people around the world.

illumy inc is looking for a Senior Mobile VoIP Application Consultant with a deep background in VoIP (voice & video over IP) to assist our team in technology selection, architecture, development, and implementation. Experience with selecting, building, and integrating SIP stacks into Android and iOS platforms in Java/Kotlin and Swift code base environments. This individual will assist the illumy mobile development team in a consulting role.


  • Consult/advise our mobile development team with technology selection

  • Core expertise in SIP stacks within mobile environments

  • Able to get hands on with developing modules and integrating code

  • Experience with development and integrating into Android and iOS environments

  • Advise for best practices for world-class architecture and code base optimization to deliver a quality experience

  • Perform code reviews for code quality, performance, and alignment to requirements

Qualifications & Experience:

  • 5+ years of expert level experience with full VoIP stack (voice & video over IP)

  • Expert knowledge of dTLS, SIP, RTP, sRTP, and integration with open source back-end services

  • Experience with WebRTC and STUN/TURN

  • Experience with Android and iOS frameworks and guidelines

  • Understanding of Android’s design principles and interface guidelines

  • Experience with Java/Kotlin and Swift

  • Able to show examples of applications developed

  • Experience working with distributed and remote software development teams

Posted illumy inc Mobile VoIP Application Consultant on June 11, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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