User Research International Paid Research Study for Developers who use Visual Studio

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User Research International is a research company based out of Redmond, Washington. Working with some of the biggest companies in the industry, we aim to improve your experience via paid research studies. Whether it be the latest video game or productivity tools, we value your feedback and experience. We are currently conducting a research study called The Visual Studio User Study. We are looking for currently employed Full-Time Developers who use Visual Studio. This study is a one time remote study via an online meeting. We’re offering $200 for participation in this study. Session lengths are 45 minutes. These studies provide a platform for our researchers to receive feedback for an existing or upcoming products or software. We have included the survey link for the study below. Taking the survey will help determine if you fit the profile requirements. If you complete the survey, and you are actually a fit to the study's requirements, URI will follow up with you. I have summarized the study details below. Thank you!

Study: Visual Studio User Study

Gratuity: $200

Session Length: 45 minutes

Location: Remote via an online meeting

Dates: August. Available dates are located within the survey

Survey: Visual Studio User Study

Posted User Research International Paid Research Study for Developers who use Visual Studio on August 14, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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