Auth0 Product Security Engineer

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Auth0 is a security company and Auth0's Security organization is in the privileged position of supporting a security-first culture for a company that wants to make the Internet safer. The Product Security team mission is to ensure that Auth0 products are as secure as our customers trust them to be. We partner closely with our Engineering and Product teams to embed security into every stage of the product life cycle.

We are looking for a Product Security Engineer with a passion for both building and breaking things to solve security problems in partnership with our Engineering teams. You will have a chance to apply your skills and passion to improve the security of our product on a daily basis.

In this role you will:

    • Provide security guidance to Engineering and Product teams

    • Build threat models and conduct risk assessments for new features and services

    • Perform design and code reviews (lots of them!)

    • Identify, triage, resolve, and manage security vulnerabilities identified in Auth0 products

    • Build libraries and tools to make software built at Auth0 secure by default

    • Make security an integral part of our CI/CD pipeline

    • Perform internal penetration tests and participate in red team exercises

    • Champion security at Auth0

Our ideal candidate will have:

    • Strong understanding of Web application security, including hands-on exploitation skills

    • Familiarity with secure development practices and security testing techniques (SAST, DAST, fuzzing, etc.)

    • Ability to explain complex security issues and their impact to diverse audiences

Also nice if you have:

    • Experience running a bug bounty program

    • Experience with JavaScript (Node.js) development

Posted Auth0 Product Security Engineer on May 22, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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