Clevertech Python Developer - Generative Design (Panda3D)

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Clevertech is a remote-first software development team building transformative enterprise solutions. Our world-class, senior developers are making a truly meaningful impact with these highly complex and substantive solutions. Currently, we are seeking a Senior Python Developer with strong math and 3d rendering background.

In this position, you will be presented with real-world constraints and based on systems rules produce 3d renderings on the fly that maximize particular business utilization.


- B.S. in Computer Science (or a related field), PhD preferred

- Minimum 5 years of professional experience

(A technical assessment will be required)

- Production-level experience using Python and Panda3D

- Native-level English, ability to clearly communicate complex concepts verbally

- Note: Although this is a remote position, we are currently only seeking candidates that can work in North American time zones

Posted Clevertech Python Developer - Generative Design (Panda3D) on June 10, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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