Codelitt, Inc. React Native Engineer

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Codelitt Incubator is looking for a Mobile Developer who will be responsible for developing mobile products for the iOS or Android platforms using React Native. Preferably you'll have a keen eye for the user interface, communicate well with designers, and with other engineers. You work well with others and friendly.

While this is a remote position, there are often meetings at 9 a.m. ET. Something to take into consideration. Mountain Time, Central Time, or Eastern Time preferred.


  • Great communication and English skills

  • Great React Native experience with code to prove it

  • You know how to architect all components of a project (data modeling, databases, data access layers, external APIs, etc)

  • You know how to run projects through solid processes (things like code reviews, reviewing stories, planning)

  • Picks up new technologies quickly and efficiently

  • Uses Git for all of your projects

  • Expert knowledge of OOP and software design principles

  • Experience in Linux/Mac and command line

  • Driven, ambitious, and interested in tech

  • Self-motivated

  • Acumen. You must be able to think of and judge multiple solutions for a problem and be able to reason between them.

  • You’re aware of how to build secure apps

Additional Requirements

  • You’ve practiced continuous integration

  • You experiment with new technology and are quick to learn

Posted Codelitt, Inc. React Native Engineer on October 17, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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