Vocinity, Inc. Senior C++ / Rust / GStreamer developer

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Looking for a senior C++ / Rust / GStreamer backend programmer to help get us from 80% to product launch! We are building life-like video avatars that are used in retail and healthcare. An example of what our product does can be found at:


We use reSIProcate for our sip stack and GStreamer and custom media plugins for the media stack. We are looking for people that are at the top of their game and want to join a startup to do something unique with a startup that is growing quickly.

The position is full-time remote and can be anywhere in the world. If your a senior C++ developer with some Rust and GStreamer experience looking for something unique and challenging we are worth a look.

All applicants must take a C++ proficiency test and we are NOT looking for recruiters or body shops, we require a direct full-time relationship with all our developers.

Posted Vocinity, Inc. Senior C++ / Rust / GStreamer developer on April 9, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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