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Headquarters: Berlin

Help us make work a better place! We provide 750 companies worldwide with a feedback platform so their employees can learn from each other and grow professionally. SoundCloud, Zapier, Strava, Duolingo and many more use our SAAS solution company-wide — from the intern to the CEO.

We’re looking for a Senior Customer Success Manager who loves to help customers use our product to the full extent, and who will make them renew their contracts without hesitati

If you’re a pragmatic self-starter and love a challenge, if you enjoy working with smart and opinionated people, then this is for you!

Who we are

We’re a company of 35 people in Berlin and the US. Our product is a performance feedback platform rolled out company-wide from the intern to the CEO. Our clients’ staff use it to give and receive feedback about their work, to set goals and objectives, organize one-on-one meetings, and to praise each other for a job well done
We’ve got a very strong customer team in place that we’re now looking to grow with a friendly and proactive customer success manager who is keen to work full-time remotel

What you’ll do

Our ultimate CS goal is that customers are happy and renew without hesitation. Our process is built on creating personal relationships with clients, educating them, and relaying their feedback and needs into the product roadmap. You’ll focus on the US eastern time zones, helping out with EU and PST clients clients too.

As a successul CS manager, you will
  • Help customers during the onboarding process, ensuring they know the product and what kinds of processes can work best for their business
  • Lend a hand when customers need support. Advanced tickets will be handled by our support team, but clients really appreciate it when they have a single contact for most questions.
  • Reach out to your customers on a regular cadence, and set up 30-minute calls to learn about their challenges, to suggest improvements to their processes, and to share product news with them
  • Collect all the knowledge and track it in our CRM, and share the highlights (or lowlights) inside the CS team but also with product management or even company-wide
  • Reach out to clients in time, and ensure their renewal is something they look forward to!

Once you got the hang of it, there’s a lot more you can get involved with:
  • Make suggestions on how to improve our internal processes, and the product itself
  • Join feature development projects and represent the customer perspective
  • Rally customers for early-access testing, and relay back the feedback you receive
  • Find novel ways to help customers get more value. Collaborate with marketing, or development, or product, or sales, or support, and get things done

You’re expected to think outside the box – anything that helps making clients more successful is fair game. We don’t lock clients into long term contracts, and we never overpromise during the sales process, so it’s very rewarding work. At the same time we definitely need to be on our toes and truly help clients, as they can literally leave any time and get their money back.

Who we’re looking for

5 years of experience in comparable roles helping customers with B2B software: Our product is a web-based SAAS solution, so experience in customer success or account management with comparable online products is a must. Ideally you’ve worked on two or more products before.

You are business-savvy: You see customer renewal as a top priority, and your goal is to keep churn low. You’re comfortable to prioritize, so that as many customers as possible are as likely to renew as possible.

Experience with remote work: There are many advantages to working from home: No commute, flexible location, and more. It’s not as if you’ll be entirely on your own — we communicate constantly using Hangouts, Slack, and Confluence. (Plus we’ll fly you over to Berlin once a year.) Our satellite workers are of the self-driven, comfortably autonomous variety though. So if you are naturally a self-starter and very proactive about keeping everyone in the loop, you’ll fit right in!

Process passion: You get excited at improving processes. You’ve seen lots of approaches already, and can really contribute to our processes and make them better. You’re highly structured and will prepare diligently and take copious amounts of notes about customers and their needs afterward.

Technical plus charming: You need to be tech-savvy and a fast learner, as our product is complex and supports a wide range of HR practices. At the same time, you just have to love people and interacting with them. You need to be an overall positive person, and your glass should always be half-full.

Willingness to go the extra mile: It’s not about making calls as quickly as possible. It’s about really helping clients, and that might involve researching or mulling over something for a few days, and then getting back to the customer once you have an even better idea/suggestion/workaround later on

Prior experience in HR- related topics is a major plus, and general interest in the topic is a must.

More reasons to work at SI

  • We’re self-funded — our only “investors” are our amazing customers who have helped us grow our customer base largely through word of mouth.
  • We’re serious about our open and tolerant company culture, and we believe diversity makes our culture and our product better.
  • We invest in our people. You’ll get a learning & development budge and days off for attending conferences
  • We want to do well by doing good, so we turn down dodgy clients and donate 2% of our profits to charity.
  • And we love to travel! For our last company retreats, we've been to Lisbon, San Francisco, Montréal, Toronto and Prague!

To apply:

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