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proGroupX Senior Engineering Manager

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Headquarters: Long Beach, CA



proGroupX welcomes exceptionally talented applicants that can work hard and have fun at the same time. The ideal Senior Engineering Manager is a seasoned self-starter with an extreme interest in technology and the Internet. The Senior Engineering Manager owns all software development for proGroupX. The Senior Engineering Manager leads a team of six remote remote engineers and is responsible for mentoring, recruiting, and hiring as the team grows. The Senior Engineering Manager works closely with the Co-CEOs and product leaders to execute the vision of the company. This position requires a blend of traditional management and hands-on coding. The ideal candidate has experience managing remote teams and translating business needs into product requirements. 


  •  Lead and manage the engineering team to carry out the necessary design and engineering tasks 

  • Assist PM team in analyzing tasks and related scoping 

  •  Coordinate priorities with stakeholders, manage to deadlines, and ensure deliverables are 

  • production ready 


  •   5+ years professional coding experience 

  •   2+ years managing engineering teams 

  •  NodeJS (MEAN stack) 

  •   MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch basic knowledge 

  •   SQL (Postgres / MySQL) 

  • TDD / Test creation 

  •  Devops knowledge 

  • Google Cloud Platform / AWS 

  •  Docker + some orchestration framework (Kubernetes, ECS, Mesos) 


  •  Bigquery, Datastore and BigTable experience 

  • Advanced networking protocols knowledge 

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Posted proGroupX Senior Engineering Manager on November 26, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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