Virtasant Inc Senior Typescript Engineer

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The client is on a mission to be the preeminent provider of embedded payment solutions for software businesses that want to monetize their platforms and eliminate friction.

These positions need to migrate in parallel with running the platform. Need to have both PHP knowledge along with Node and Typescript. Obviously, AWS is huge because everything is hosted there. As with every start-up, the code base is not written with good coding practice. They will need to have an understanding of best coding practices so that the next phase of the platform is more maintainable.

Everything is run on AWS - nothing self-hosted
Restful API
Moving from Postgres to DynamoDB for some of their financial operations (but not everything)
Ideally, the architecture is to be created as serverless and using DynamoDB as opposed to SQL
Application is written PHP, hosted on EC2
Microservices - 100% serverless, Lambda, SQS
Programming: Node.js with Typescript
Deploys using Cloudformation, not using Terraform
There is a bit of legacy codebase which requires people to be adaptive
1k line class,
BDD, Hexagonal Architecture

Posted Virtasant Inc Senior Typescript Engineer on June 17, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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