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Headquarters: Calgary, AB
URL: https://falkbuilt.com/

Falkbuilt is a technology driven start-up venture.  Founders include Mogens Smed and Barrie Loberg. With digital intelligence we will revolutionize the construction industry. 

Our work leverages video game design, making it real with data to build a physical replica from the virtual. Based in Calgary, Canada (MST), we are putting together a top-shelf team of developers to build a state-of-the-art visualization and design platform. It will be a small, tight, clean-coding group of professionals working remotely from the comfort of their home offices. 

We are looking for a senior UX Designer. We use 3D AR/VR/FPS and 2D visualizations for collaboration in the design, architecture, and construction industries. Our founders are visionaries, and you will be enabling them by bringing their visions to life.

You will spend half your time designing the user experience for our software, the other half building dynamic marketing material and mockups for communicating the same software vision with a long view.

  • Know best design practices and when to break them.
  • Ability to choose-and-use the best prototyping tool for the job at hand.
  • Comfortable building mockups for any device or platform.
  • Demonstrable experience with designing interfaces for 3D visualization technologies. We will need to see some examples.
  • Attention to detail and consistency across platforms. 
  • Demonstrable experience designing UX for collaboration.
  • Experience designing for mobile, web, and desktop 3D applications.
  • Production experience with modern game engines and their unique implementations of UX.

Bonus Points
  • Experience with the application video game technologies outside the video game industry.
  • Experience designing for AR and VR headsets (HoloLens, Magic Leap, Vive, Oculus, etc).
  • Experience with UX testing, performance studies, and feedback capturing.

To apply: [email protected]

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