Hazelcast Software Development Engineer in Test (Turkey)

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About Hazelcast

Hazelcast is a leading software company with a massive community reach. Our software sits at the heart of the world’s leading companies' mission-critical systems and enables them to act instantly on data everywhere. At Hazelcast, you’ll get the chance to continuously push the boundaries of distributed computing and work on great open-source products that can run anywhere – from on-premises to the cloud or at the edge.

Do you enjoy any of the following?

  • Working on open-source software at your day job

  • Testing distributed systems on a big scale (hundreds of nodes, TBs of memory)

  • Testing a complex user interface using Selenium and BrowserStack

  • Testing on various environments like Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, IBM Cloud, and VMware Tanzu

  • Developing continuous delivery pipelines using GitHub Actions and Jenkins

  • Learning the latest technologies and popular frameworks

If this is you - we are looking for a Software Development Engineer in Test to join the Management and Monitoring team at Hazelcast. Hazelcast is an open-source application platform for stateful, data-intensive workloads at scale.

Management and Monitoring team develops Hazelcast Management Center which is a web application for monitoring and managing Hazelcast clusters.

What we look for:

  • Experience with testing software, and breaking them

  • Passion for both manual and automated testing, and understanding the importance of both

  • Being able to dig deep and get to the root cause of issues

  • Strong focus on quality

  • Experience with using Java and Selenium to test complex user interfaces

  • Experience with cloud technologies: Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, IBM Cloud, and VMWare Tanzu

  • Experience with developing a continuous delivery pipeline

  • Strong knowledge of bash and/or a scripting language for automation

  • Bonus points for experience with doing compliance checks and security scans

  • Interest in testing distributed systems

  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English

What you will be doing day in and day out:

  • Develop and maintain an automated UI test suite using mainly Java, Selenium and BrowserStack

  • Develop continuous delivery pipelines for verifying and releasing our software using mainly GitHub Actions and Jenkins

  • Verify that newly developed software meets our criteria for quality

  • Scan our software for security vulnerabilities

  • Perform compliance checks

  • Participate in agile planning, estimation and development

  • Communicate proactively with development team members

  • Contribute ideas and efforts to improve quality and efficiency of the development processes

  • Continuously improve your technical skills as well as your soft skills.

  • Automate tools if it is necessary

  • Develop high quality code that is scalable and secure.


  • Competitive Salary

  • Equity options

  • Yearly training budget

  • Flexible working hours and location (this is a remote position)

  • Workplace cost reimbursement (coworking space, laptop)

  • Conference speaking opportunities.


We accept candidates working remotely from Ukraine and Turkey only. Additionally, in Istanbul, it's possible to work from Hazelcast's office.

Posted Hazelcast Software Development Engineer in Test (Turkey) on May 15, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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