Adaptavist Software Engineer

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You will drive our new commerce platform to the next level. This role will build and shape commerce platforms for our next stage in growth. This includes interface, licensing and payment platforms to facilitate online sales for SaaS software.
There will be a deep focus on customer experience and serving our customer needs, building exciting slick software to serve our customers is our priority. The key driver of this role will be to build beautiful frontend customer interfaces, platforms and tools to serve all areas of the business, working closely with the team and stakeholders.

  • Understanding of cloud environments such as AWS and related services

  • Experience or understanding of micro-services and serverless functions

  • Willingness to develop and maintain infrastructure-as-code

  • Willingness to develop and maintain CI / CD pipelines

  • Ability to develop and consume APIs in TypeScript and other languages

Posted Adaptavist Software Engineer on August 19, 2021 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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