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Are you a Sr. Backend/Server-side Software Engineer interested in engineering software solutions at scale to make healthcare data across thousands of bespoke providers more universally useful? Do you have a desire to work with modern Software Engineering techniques and design patterns such as CQRS, event streaming and sourcing, and microservices? At Redox, our engineers combine their passion for solving complex problems with their desire to disrupt how healthcare data is exchanged. We take on the most challenging issues that slow down the adoption of technology in healthcare and prevent the world’s scientists, engineers, and innovators from making healthcare data useful!

As a Sr. Backend Software Engineer at Redox, you will work alongside talented team members to create Redox’s next generation scalable and multi-tenant data warehouse. You will primarily work within a microservice and event-driven ecosystem. We are seeking an intelligent, motivated, and growth-focused software engineer to start as an individual contributor and potentially mature into a Team Lead within 6-12 months.

To be successful as an IC, you will:

      • Collaborate with team members who are passionate and dedicated multidisciplinary to upgrade and scale our existing data warehouse

      • Work within a µ-service architecture, leveraging CQRS and event sourcing concepts

      • Participate in all phases of the SDLC - from requirements, design, and development through testing, deployment, maintenance, and support

      • Bias towards action

      • Continually improve your craft as a developer and as an engineering leader

Your day to day as an IC will consist of:

    • Pairing with your teammates to make progress on projects or solve problems

    • Designing solutions to feature requirements prioritized by Product Management

    • Implementing solutions designed by you or by teammates through the entirety of the SDLC, including testing, deployment, and operationalization

    • Reviewing other developers code to ensure it is production ready

    • Troubleshooting production issues when they arise

To successfully grow into a Team Lead role, you would:

      • Lead cross-team initiatives to produce a positive impact across the entire engineering organization

      • Work closely with the product owner to effectively plan projects for the team

      • Provide updates to the larger engineering team

      • Advocate for your team’s needs with the larger engineering team

      • Bring learnings from other teams back to your team to implement

Inspire a small team of developers toward technology goals:

      • Defining and holding the team accountable to stringent Service Level Objectives for your applications

      • Collaborating across teams to facilitate the transition to a µ-service architecture

      • Collaborating with other teams to introduce blue/green or other deployment methodologies to reduce risk when introducing changes

      • Implementing production parallel regression testing

Your day to day as a Team Lead would additionally consist of:

    • Estimating features and projects on the product roadmap and holding the team honest and accountable to those estimates

    • Partnering with the Product Owner on writing/approving user stories, including driving technical decisions from the users’ perspective

    • Partnering with other engineering leaders to collaborate on technical decisions with a cross-team impact

It is not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of the areas outlined above. Please apply even if you are not sure you meet all these criteria. If you are interested in the role and think it could be a fit, we'd like to hear from you!

Preferred Experience:

      • 4+ years of professional software development experience in one or more general purpose languages combined with a degree in computer science or practical experience

      • Strong experience in server-side development within data-intensive applications

      • Experience working with relational data storage/warehousing technologies in environments dealing with tens of TBs of data or higher

      • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including pairing

      • Strong desire to expand your professional impact and autonomy

      • Effectively give and receive feedback Operate effectively on a remote team

      • Healthcare IT

      • Tech lead experience is a plus

This is a remote based opportunity. You can live and work anywhere within the US. We are not hiring for non-US based candidates.

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