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Job Description

You will lead the effort to design and develop data migration tools and processes that enable new customers to go live with MyTime's Point of Sale / Appointment Scheduling / CRM solution. New customers cannot go live on our platform until you’ve completed your work, so this role is vital to the growth of the company.  

You’ll work with the SAAS implementation manager to understand the customer's needs and integration points. You’ll need to be creative and detail oriented as you develop custom approaches to extract, convert and migrate data such as clients, appointments and transactions from legacy systems into MyTime.  You'll need to determine when MyTime will be the master and when we will be a client of another system with real-time or asynchronous connections. In some cases, you'll also lead or assist with software development of custom features for the client that are 'must haves' before they can go live.

As a software engineer, you should be generally passionate about coding and have an interest in building applications with high usability, scalability, and test coverage. In your everyday work, you should continuously contribute to good overall software design with the goal to achieve a highly structured large scale software product. You should also maintain a high awareness of development industry trends and best practices.

In addition to your passion for coding, you should also want to help in other aspects of building a new company: Designing features, making good product decisions, and building a culture of excellence. We’re seeking engineers who are ready to attack deep technical challenges as well as have an impactful role in product and company development!

Key Responsibilities

  • Execute specific data migration tasks utilizing both manual and scripted processes

  • Develop and maintain web scrapers that can accurately pick up data elements and import them into the right database fields

  • Investigate legacy software products to figure out the best approach for data extraction

  • Implement a migration pipeline between two enterprise systems, likely using a data integration platform and in some cases a continuous syncing solution

  • Create individual data migration jobs to move portions data based on the needs of different customers go-live date

  • Write field-level transformation and validation code to allow data to flow reliably

  • Be responsible for verifying the pipeline is acting predictably: validate at each stage of migration, and generate reconciliation reports


  • Minimum 2 years of software implementation or technical solutions experience; knowledge of Ruby on Rails and AngularJS, a plus

  • Intermediate to expert proficiency with analysis and migration of SQL databases

  • Experience pipelining data in an imperfect environment—retrying through rate limits, http errors, network issues, etc.

  • Experience with agile software development environments

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, fluent in English

Posted Source Coders Sr. Solutions Engineer (100% Remote) - MyTime (Series B) - B2B SaaS Startup on July 10, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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