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Headquarters: New York City

Hi there! Let's make this personal. My name is Xavier Armand and I am the co-founder and creative director of The Vaan Group ( a fully remote UX design and engineering agency with headquarters in NYC. We’re looking to hire a senior engineer to help us launch an app to help the agency workflow.

What workflow you ask?

We're solving a workflow issue that often exists between agencies/freelancers and their clients, as well as internal creative teams that collaborate on design and copy. We know the problem we're trying to solve exists in the wild because we're going through the painful process ourselves right now on a number of different projects…so we’re looking to solve our own problems.

We’re looking for someone with experience rendering PDFs or design files in the browser (.PSD, Sketch). 

As the tech lead you'll:
  • Collaborate closely with us to define the MVP
  • Have control over the architecture and framework
  • Work closely with design & UX

We're looking for an experienced, senior engineer. This is a paid position.

More background:
Our clients range from large e-commerce enterprises (>$100M per year) to successful mid-stage ($1M - $50M per year) direct to consumer e-commerce brands. You can see the full range client work/portfolio at our website. Our company culture takes a lot of cues from Basecamp (it doesn't have to be crazy at work).

To apply: [email protected]">http://[email protected] - Subject line: "Tech lead for Agency Product"

Posted The Vaan Group Tech Lead for Agency Product on July 19, 2019 via WeWorkRemotely

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