Trellis Technologies Technical Co-Founder / Head of Engineering (for Post-$X million Seed)

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We are looking for an engineering leader with a “find a way or make a way” attitude who can report to the CEO, build a team of 3-4 engineers, and lead them both technically and managerially.

This opportunity is for someone excited for autonomy, ownership, and breadth of responsibility.

We are currently 100% Remote. Our CEO happens to be based in San Francisco, CA.

Our environment is typical of a start-up:

  • Small team, fast-paced, we all get a lot done by everyone wearing many hats.

  • We are serious about optimizing our time and staying focused on the most important goals and outcomes.

  • We have remote team members and are completely on board with 100% remote work.

  • We coordinate using a kanban board, hold a daily standup, and mostly communicate via ad hoc video calls and Slack.

  • Our technology is written in NodeJS and React and lives on the Google Cloud Platform.

We use Javascript full-stack

  • Our technology uses NodeJS and React

  • We have a variety of services on different parts of Google Cloud Platform (GAE, GKE, GCF).

  • We are looking for someone proficient in Javascript/ES6 and ideally quite familiar with the technologies above

Build something challenging.

This isn't just another CRUD application. Your challenge will be to deliver a highly-available service on top of a dynamic collection of third-party data sources whose priority is anything other than making your job easy. Explore the limits of your own resourcefulness by designing human and automated systems that deliver true reliability in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

See if you fit our requirements.

For this role, we are looking for someone with the following characteristics:

  • 2+ years experience building and managing a team of engineers

  • 5-10 years experience working in back-end applications

  • 2+ years experience working with front-end applications

  • Deep familiarity with ES6/NodeJS including deep understanding of promises, async/await

  • Bonus for familiarity with Chromium/Puppeteer and/or DOM manipulation/selection

  • Ability to acutely focus on company objectives and mission at hand.

  • Proven dedication to creating maintainable, functional, and reliable systems.

  • Ability to pass a background check; have appropriate work authorization

To achieve our mission, we always look for high-caliber people who share our core values:

  • Grit: Resilient problem solvers who finish what they start and love tackling problems of all sizes. We take critical feedback and push through to get the job done.

  • Collaboration: Egos can be left at home, our focus is on the best outcome, which means regularly challenging each other and being willing to be wrong.

  • Extreme Ownership: We sign up for big challenges and take extreme ownership to see it through. We make lemonade out of lemons when we have to and don’t let frustration get in the way of getting it done.

  • Curiosity: We’re passionate learners and get excited to nerd out over non-work related topics at a perhaps unnecessary level of detail.

  • Honesty: We’re transparent and honest because that’s the right way to treat other people. Integrity is the basis of trust, and trust is everything when you’re creating the future together.

Posted Trellis Technologies Technical Co-Founder / Head of Engineering (for Post-$X million Seed) on August 16, 2019 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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