How has your routine changed over time?

Question: How has your routine changed over time? Read answers from remote workers to learn.

Interview with John, an international business writer sharing 15 years of insights

It has changed in some important ways. I have noticed that as remote work arrangements have become more prevalent, the ability to secure remote work—via remote means, has increased.

This situation leads to a decrease in in-person networking required to secure work. At this point, except in very rare circumstances, I secure all my work remotely and perform all that work remotely.

In terms of the type of work I perform, its’ focus adjusts depending on my clients, but overall my work focus has not fundamentally changed since I began working remotely.

My writing work did change; however, as blogging and digital publishing became more prevalent. I became proficient in WordPress and social media – which I think is important for professional writers in a digital economy.

To that end, I studied with Squared Online — a digital marketing leadership course established by Google and conducted remotely throughout the world – to ensure I understood everything I could about how writers are being utilized in the digital economy.

Also—since I began working remotely, I did notice a need for business English assistance to international professionals. So, I also became a certified English instructor and now also teach business English online in addition to writing.

Interestingly, many of my business English language students also need writing and proofreading assistance. One of the wonderful elements of teaching online is the ability to interact online via voice and video.

This scenario makes remote work much more enjoyable for me. Remote platforms dedicated to providing these connections between remote workers and clients are wonderful to have. I see them growing in the future as they fill a tremendous need for both clients and remote workers.

For over a decade, John has worked as an international business writer. See his insights on the state of remote work, freelancing, and attracting clients who are the right fit.

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Interview with Rose, a co-founder growing the impact of remote work

It's become so much more structured, and that has helped me to no end. I think it's difficult to go from little structure to no structure, so building that structure gradually has worked really well for me.

Rose balances part-time SEO work with leading Grow Remote—see how she optimizes her time to build a community and resource for remote workers.

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