Alyssa Goulet
copywriter and content strategist
November 25, 2019

Interview with Alyssa, a copywriter and content strategist

Alyssa has found her rhythm as a freelancer and founder of the blog, Freelancing Flow—see her tips for keeping it all running smoothly.

How did you get started with remote work?

I took a remote paid marketing internship for a music technology company.

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What are you working on?

I'm a copywriter and content strategist for technology companies. I also have a blog called Freelancing Flow, where I teach freelancers how to build successful businesses that they love.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius

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What's your typical work routine?

I wake up around 8:30 AM, have a cup of tea, and get to work around 9 AM. During the first few hours of the morning, I get most of my writing work done. Then I have lunch and move on to lighter work in the afternoon, such as admin, marketing and editing.

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How has your routine changed over time?

When I first started worked remotely, I LOVED to sleep in and start work in the afternoon.

Don't get me wrong—I'm still not an early bird, but I find that I like to get up in the morning and knock out some of the more difficult tasks in the morning.

That makes the rest of my day less stressful.

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Do you have a dedicated space to work?

Yes, I have a desk where I work most of the time...through every once in a while, I do end up staying in my PJs on the couch. Sometimes, you just have one of those days.

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How do you stay on task?

I use time blocking to make sure I'm staying focused on my most critical tasks. If I'm writing or editing, I'll listen to instrumental music. If I'm doing lighter work like marketing or admin, I'll listen to podcasts. I always like to have something to listen to.

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” ― George Eliot

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What do you like about remote work?

I like that I have control over my schedule and my income. Remote work allows me to set my schedule and take time off without needing to get it approved.

As a freelancer who works remotely, I also have more control over my income because I can take on more than one project at a time.

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What do you not like about remote work?

Communication can be tough. As much as we all like to believe we're more connected than ever, sometimes it can take a while to get the information you need. Remote workers can't just walk into someone's office and ask a question; we rely on messaging tools and email.

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What tools do you use to stay productive?

My favorite tools are for admin, Trello for project management and Zapier for automation.

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Do you have any advice for remote workers?

Remember to create boundaries for yourself. It's really easy to blur the lines between your time working and time off, but being mindful of that is important.

You have the power to determine your schedule, don't forget to schedule in time to recharge.

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How do you decide priorities?

I plan everything two to four weeks in advance, consider my personal schedule, and then base deadlines on my clients' goals.

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How do you know when to push yourself vs rest?

I really enjoy the work that I do, so most of the time, I don't feel the need to push myself. The only time I feel that pressure is when I'm close to a deadline.

As soon as I feel "foggy" or when I'm getting frustrated with work, I know it's time to rest.

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What contributes to being a successful freelancer?

To be a successful freelancer, you have to be flexible. Every project and client will be different. Processes can help your business run smoothly but know that things don't always go as planned. Adapting to changes is key.

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How do you decide which clients to take?

I evaluate potential clients' websites to see if I can see where my work aligns with what they need. Then, I always get on the phone to learn more about the client, what they need, and if we're a fit.

I used to dread calls, but I've found talking in real-time is the best way to find out if a client is right for you.

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How does working on your own projects help your freelance work?

My projects give me even more opportunities to expand my writing and marketing skills, which I can apply to client projects.

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Alyssa Goulet

Alyssa Goulet is a freelance technology copywriter and content strategist. When not doing client work, you can find her hanging out with her pets, watching Shark Tank or helping other freelancers grow their businesses.

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