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This position is responsible for developing a variety of web applications in modern technologies.  Incorporate best practices when designing, implementing, testing and developing scalable, secure code. Work closely with Product Managers, Quality Analysts, DevOps Engineers and other roles as needed.


  • 5+ years of UX/UI design experience working with responsive site design

  • 3+ years’ experience working in a distributed agile team environment

  • Experience using front-end technologies such as Angular, React, Bootstrap, CSS, SASS/LESS and JavaScript and their use in single page application design

  • Experience with best-of-breed design practices (e.g. user personas, sitemaps, user-flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, style guides, user testing plans, production-ready UI, branding standards and guidelines)

  • Proficient in standard UI/UX toolsets (Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVison, etc.)

  • Demonstrable portfolio in standard UI/UX toolsets

  • Knowledge of agile, Kanban and design principles to support unit testing


  • Experience with web application coding languages (Javascript, Typescript, .NET/C#, Go) and additional web frameworks (Vue, Django, Echo, Revel)

  • Experience building multi-platform systems

  • Experience in adaptive or native web design for mobile and web platforms

  • Ensure familiar with design for accessibility (ADA-508)

JOB SPECIFIC DUTIES:  (These are job duties specific to your role)


  • Perform requirements analysis: prototyping, mockups, wireframes, and concept demonstration

  • Participate in stand-up meetings with focus on user interaction

  • Contribute to design and architecture decisions as appropriate within the UI/UX field

  • Create and maintain UI/UX style guides to establish and maintain brand recognition

  • Participate in Level of Effort estimations as needed

  • Conduct various assessments and metrics to track and improve overall user experience

  • Work with software engineers, product managers, quality analysts and DevOps engineers to Implement and assure leadership for a quality user experience

  • Recommend improvements to security policies when possible weaknesses are observed


  • Communicate with clients appropriately

  • Communicate with technology partners appropriately

  • Record all external discussions

JOB ESSENTIAL DUTIES :    (These are job duties essential for every position at Libera)


  • Actively listens to others

  • Ability to present information

  • Written communication skills

  • Demonstrate concern and understanding

  • Treat confidential information appropriately

  • Promote open communication

  • Provide timely and effective written/verbal communication

  • Keep others informed of progress and/or problems

  • Share information

  • Explain reasons for decisions affecting others


  • Proactive approach to solving problems

  • Gathers and analyzes information skillfully

  • Think creatively

  • Anticipate problems

  • Demonstrate conflict resolution skills and ability to solve problems

  • Identify and mitigate risks appropriately


  • Deliver according to Corporate goals

  • Demonstrate ability to manage conflict

  • Take proactive approach to implement change

  • Ensure all people are treated with dignity and respect

  • Be self-motivated

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude

  • Display willingness to make decisions

  • Is customer focused

  • Motivate others to perform well

  • Manage stress

  • Seek opportunities for professional / self-development

  • Exhibits confidence in self and others

  • Be polite and avoid offensive language

  • Seek to be an example in all actions and interactions

  • Recommend improvements to security policies when possible weaknesses are observed


  • Work effectively and dependably with others to meet team objectives

  • Encourage others

  • Demonstrate concern and understanding for co-workers

  • Exhibits objectivity and openness to other’s views

  • Prepares for and leads meetings

  • Demonstrate strong responsibility toward personal assignments

  • Is accountable for actions

  • Use and/or encourages joint problem solving

  • Involves others in decision making

  • Is open to receiving and giving feedback

  • Develop peer relationships


  • Follow Libera’s Mission by “Simplifying life through leveraging technology”

  • Embrace Libera’s Vision “To become the provider of choice for those bettering our world”

  • Values: Foster and deliver according to:

    • “Integrity” by being fair and balanced, truthful, and upholding moral fortitude

    • “Innovation” “by changing, revolutionizing, and transforming ideas into action

    • “Collaboration” by working together and sharing common goals to find the Win-Win

    • “Pioneering” by discovering, spearheading, and trailblazing to create original products

    • “Community” by serving the needs of others and of our world

  • Guiding Principles:

    • Consistently place “Relationship First, Business Second”

    • When collaborating “Never Negate Perception” because our “Differences Matter”

    • Embrace our “Always Be Improving” mentality

    • Exhibit a continuous “Overcome Every Problem” attitude by recommending solutions

All the above job duties are subject to reasonable accommodation. This job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  Incumbents may be required to perform job-related tasks, duties, and/or responsibilities other than those specifically presented in this description.


Posted LIBERA, INC. UI/UX Engineer - Remote on February 6, 2020 via Stackoverflow Jobs

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